DIY sweets

DIY Sweets

In recent years the popularity of Japanese sweets has grown substantially, more than anything because of online Subscription sites and its rapid spread on the internet is because various, blogs, YouTube channels, social media like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.

But one of the most striking phenomena of this spread are the DIY Sweets "Do It Yourself".

These unique Japanese candies have become a veritable media frenzy through YouTube channels around the world. Obviously not only for being unique, they are quite rich and tasty.

Always you may need a little water and stir a lot to create, with mixtures of coloured powders get after just minutes in like a magical way candies shaped like Sushi, pizza, burgers, etc. amazing, huh?




preparing your own sweet Tako Yaki.


little balls of "mochi" to make animal faces.


Mix a lot! and get very special flavour.