Kadomen Torigara shoyu

StepsOpen the lid halfway.  (It is marked with a line at the top) MarckBoil water, while adding the items shown in the photo.Add boiled water up to the mark (line in the bowl), and then close the lid.After boiled water is in the bowl cover and let stand for 3 minutes, please place the envelope remaining with “Shoyu” […]

Marutai Cup Ramen

Hello ramen-loving friends, today I present the “Marutai Cup Ramen”. This nostalgic and shale Ramen brought by the company Marutai. It comes with a generous package ingredients well, was great to find many dissected “Naruto” in the package. For those who do not know Naruto is the typical ingredient for ramen or soba, and is basically […]

Negi Tonkotsu Ramen

Well as you know this Ramen with mild flavor of Tonkotsu is ideal for non-Japanese palate, as sometimes the strong flavor of Tonkotsu (broth made with pork bone) can be a bit hard for someone who is not accustomed since childhood . From left to right. Powdered soup and “Kayaku” or dried seasonings obviously full […]