Special Giveaway Super Edition Christmas 2015

Next Box - Close - Sunday 6

What you'll find inside this Super Christmas Box?

Following the tradition and requests from our fans and friends all Around the world have decided to make a new raffle, in this case Special Edition "Christmas 2015"

Raffle box every Sunday starting on Sunday, November 29th.

This box contains special edition Christmas products.

Most of these products are made in Japan and are not sold in any country of the world.

The only way to get them is through this campaign. Nor does this case offer as part of our plan subscription or direct purchase.

Dynamics of the contest:

Once you've entered your data "Full Name" and "Email" you can start with the contest.

1 - There are certain tasks as "the skinny on" Visit and give us a LIKE on Facebook, follow us on Instagram, etc. Each time one of these tasks are completed you receive a certain number of points. The person who accumulates the most points in the course of a week will be the lucky winner.

2 - Every Sunday from November 29 closed a stage of the competition and we will come out with one winner that will be the person with most points accumulated.

3 - Should be a tie on points, the winner will be drawn randomly shaped.

4 - The winner will be named in different social networks BoxFromJapan and notified via e-mail.

5 - Our Box will be sent to any destination in the world for free through the SAL service.

6 - This time we want to give opportunity to all so that every Sunday of the week will close one stage and the points achieved will NOT be cumulative.

13 Products will be included in this Special Edition for Christmas 2015;

  • Christmas boot. Including 5 different packages of sweets and snacks inside (5 units)
  • Watagashi Giant - Special Christmas Edition (1 unit)
  • Tohato Caramel Corn - Conitos flavored crispy corn! (1 unit)
  • Shimi Choco Corn - biscuits with chocolate - Special Christmas Edition (1 unit)
  • Chiroru Choco (5 units)  

Due to the large number of participants and many entries and competitors, we have decided to give a consolation prize to the contestant N2 series.

We sincerely appreciate the great participation of all of you. We promise to continue to give consolation prizes expand future competitions! ARIGATO!


More than 10 exlusive productos #SuperNavidadBFJ 2015 -

Limited Edition

Christmas boot


Christmas boot

Giant Watagashi

Tohato Caramel Corn

Shimi Choco Corn 

Chiroru Choco