Ramen of the month

Ramen of September

1 – Torisoba Tokunou Gyokai Paitan


This ramen is in the industry one of the  innovators in achieving Ramen flavour from the seafood and chicken.

To create the chicken broth is boiled for a good long time concentrating chicken taste better and achieving a truly rich flavour mixed with the sweet taste of seafood.

This kind of soup is called Gyokai Toripaitan in Japan.

2 – Kitsune Udon


Noodles of this ramen are not fried, they are soft and healthy.  

They are covered with two portions of a juicy fried tofu. The taste of the soup is taken from the "Nice" (kind of sin) and algae Rishiri area (small island well north of Japan, near Russia) there we get a broth with such natural flavor that makes you want to take it all at once.

3 – Tokushima-Ramen-koku-shyoyu


The noodles are thin and soft and the soup broth adheres very well to them.

The soup powder extract is based on pork and broth (liquid attached) adds flavor of soy sauce to the whole, very rich.

As ingredients comes a soft flesh of pork ribs, good crunchy bamboo shoots and green onions. This ramen is based on the original flavor of a very famous local ramen in Tokushima (Shikoku island, near the birthplace of BoxFromJapan).

4 – Hokkaido Miso Butter



Miso soup mixed with super sweet corn Hokkaido (well north of Japan).

The noodles are thin soft and firm. This soup advantage the rich flavor of pork, garlic, ginger and onion, broth ramen soup has mixed three types of miso soup Hokkaido area.

When combined with oil flavored butter, softened its aroma and flavor. Some of the ingredients you will find corn, carrots and green onions, all from Hokkaido.

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